10 Responses to Dialogue Strategy and Social CRM: A Customer Experience with XO

  1. Dude, that was a good post. Lovin your blog like crazy.”

  2. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing sites that understand the value of providing a high quality resource for free. It is the oldwhat goes around comes around routine.

  3. Ronan Keane says:


    Very interesting post. I was obviously interested in how your issue was resolved regarding your mashup goal and I’m glad your account was upgraded at no additional expense to facilitate the mashup. But I was also very interested in the entire post re. Social CRM, especially how XO Communications followed up with a survey that wasn’t designed for the exchange you had.

    I’ll be sure to forward your feedback to Customer Care.

    I’ve started following you on Twitter.


    Ronan Keane
    Social Media Guy for XO Communications

  4. Larry Irons says:

    Hi Ronan,

    Glad to see you read the post. Looked for XO on twitter but didn’t find an account. I’ll certainly follow you back. I’ve used XO for many years and always found the service excellent. To be frank I was really surprised about the disjuncture between my experience and what the survey showed XO knew about it.



  5. Elliot Abaja says:

    Although I would’ve preferred if you went into a little bit more detail, I still got the gist of what you meant. I agree with it. It might not be a popular idea, but it makes sense. Will definitely come back for more of this. Great work

    • Larry Irons says:

      Thanks Elliot. Unfortunately, more detail would have resulted in a much longer post and I think my posts are often too long as it is.

  6. Lucy Crm says:

    The biggest strength of a social CRM solution is its reach and accessibility by any of the customer relations staff.

  7. Lloyd Irvin says:

    Thanks designed for sharing such a nice thinking, post is
    nice, thats why i have read it fully

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